Use Cases

The following use case examples demonstrates the use of private network across diverse industries. From enabling seamless communication for first responders to revolutionizing logistics operations with low-latency connectivity, our real-world examples showcase how private networks are driving digital transformation and empowering organizations to thrive in an interconnected world.

Each use case highlights the unique challenges faced by different industries and how our tailored private network solutions address their specific needs.

Private network empowering robotic logistic centers

In this use case, our goal was to improve latency for a robotic logistic center operated by a leading robotic technology company with retail logistic centers worldwide. Latency issues were causing bottlenecks in the robots' operations, leading to reduced efficiency. To address these challenges, we proposed the implementation of an LTE private network with Athonet's EPC as the core and E///'s indoor site with spread indoor antennas for radio coverage. To comply with local regulations of network neutrality, we adopted an MOCN (Multiple Operators Core Network) architecture. The integration activities involved incorporating the robots' management system, firewalls, switches, radio sites etc. into the private network. The result was impressive, with robots running 24/7 and experiencing significant latency improvement. As a result of the LTE private network implementation, the logistic center's productivity witnessed a remarkable 7% improvement. The reduction in latency and smoother data transfer enabled the robots to operate seamlessly, optimizing their performance and enhancing overall operational efficiency for the robotic logistic center.

Revolutionizing fire-rescue with 5G private networks

In this use case, our goal was to improve data communication for the fire-rescue teams, which were facing challenges due to the existing communication system based on narrow-band devices. The lack of integrated data communication was hindering their response capabilities and coordination during emergency situations. To address these challenges, we proposed the implementation of 5G federated private networks, utilizing Athonet's 5G-SA core, 5G radio on band N78 and MW links for the backhauling, with the potential to add satellite communication for enhanced connectivity. The solution included Synch as the command and control and Push-to-Talk application for seamless voice communication and video streaming from drones for real-time situational awareness. The result of the 5G federated private networks implementation was a significant improvement in converged voice and data communication for the fire-rescue forces. The integrated data communication capabilities empowered the responders with enhanced situational awareness and seamless coordination, allowing them to make informed decisions swiftly and respond effectively to emergency incidents.

Mission-ready connectivity with manpack private networks

In this use case, we present a highly specialized and tactical solution tailored for special forces - the Manpack Private Network. Designed for enhanced data communication in the most demanding and remote environments, this compact and portable system empowers special forces with unparalleled connectivity during critical operations. The Manpack Private Network comprises a robust and self-contained package, including a core network, radio, PTT (Push-to-Talk) functionality, and batteries with extended power capabilities lasting for several hours. The system's portability and quick deployment allow special forces to establish a secure and dedicated communication network on the move, even in remote or hostile terrains. With this innovative solution, special forces gain real-time access to vital information, video feeds, and situational updates, enabling swift decision-making and seamless coordination among team members. The encrypted communication channels ensure the highest level of security and privacy for sensitive data, critical for safeguarding mission success.

Border control: empowering security with private networks

In this use case, we present a strategic implementation of a private network as the communication infrastructure for border control operations. Border control agencies face complex challenges in securing national borders and ensuring effective surveillance to detect and prevent illegal crossings and criminal activities. The system deployed along the border region includes geo-redundant core system, distributed radios, surveillance cameras, and sensor integration. Real-time data exchange ensures secure communication between agents and command centers, offering comprehensive situational awareness. The private network's scalability and integration capabilities enable rapid response to emerging threats, making it a crucial force multiplier for border control agencies to safeguard national borders and ensure citizen safety.

Special forces training center: enhancing immersive training with private networks

In this use case, a private network plays a pivotal role in transforming the training capabilities of a special forces training center using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. The training center aims to provide special forces personnel with realistic and immersive training scenarios that simulate real-world situations. The 5G SA private network enables seamless communication and data exchange between multiple VR users and the central training platform. Each VR system is equipped with high-end VR headsets and motion tracking sensors, allowing trainees to navigate through virtual environments and engage in tactical simulations. The private network's low-latency and high-bandwidth capabilities ensure a smooth and uninterrupted VR experience, creating a sense of realism and immersion critical for effective training. The private network allows instructors at the central training platform to monitor trainee progress in real-time, providing valuable feedback and adjusting the training scenarios accordingly. The implementation of the private network for the VR training system significantly enhances the training center's capabilities, offering a cost-effective and scalable solution to train special forces personnel in a safe and controlled environment.

Transforming communication on-the-move: command and control vehicles with private 5G

Our private 5G system, purposefully installed on command and control vehicles. Tailored for real-time situational awareness and seamless coordination, this innovative solution redefines on-the-move communication for tactical and emergency response teams. Our private 5G system, seamlessly integrated into command and control vehicles, ensures uninterrupted connectivity, ultra-low latency, and high-bandwidth capabilities. This empowers response agencies with live video streaming, secure data exchange, and immediate decision-making. The result is enhanced mobility, elevated coordination, and an adaptable solution that fosters operational excellence in dynamic and critical scenarios. This use case exemplifies our commitment to reshaping communication possibilities and driving superior outcomes for response agencies in their mission to ensure safety and security.

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