Learn How Atrinet’s TONAS™ USAF Transforms Telecom Operations: Streamlining Service Fulfillment and Activation for a Connected Future


The rapid advancement in network technologies, fueled by the increasing adoption of 5G networks, IoT, and AI/ML-driven automation, has transformed the telecom operations landscape. Today, telecom operators face the challenge of managing complex network infrastructure while delivering seamless customer experience across fixed and mobile services. Atrinet’s NetACE TONAS™ Unified Service Activation & Fulfillment (USAF) product addresses these challenges by offering a cloud-native, low-code, model-driven platform that streamlines service activation, fulfillment, and network automation.

A One-Stop Solution for Service Fulfillment and Network Activation

TONAS™ USAF is a comprehensive solution for service order management that supports both fixed and mobile services. It integrates with various OSS/BSS systems, such as Amdocs BSS and ServiceNow Order Management for Telecommunications, using open TMF APIs like TMF640, TMF641, TMF639, and TMF633, as well as vendor-proprietary interfaces. As part of the NetACE TONAS™ Platform, it smoothly integrates with TONAS™ DIA, NI&A, and NCM solution modules.

Key Features of TONAS™ USAF

  • Cloud-Native Architecture with Kubernetes (K8s): TONAS™ USAF harnesses the power of cloud-native technologies and is designed to be deployed on Kubernetes high-availability clusters, providing telecom operators with the flexibility and scalability they need to grow, adapt, and innovate rapidly. This architecture guarantees high availability, enhanced performance, and cost-effective deployment, regardless of whether it is implemented on-premises or in public cloud environments.
  • Low-Code Platform: The low-code nature of TONAS™ USAF allows for rapid development and deployment of service activation and fulfillment processes. DevOps teams can quickly build, test, and deploy new services, reducing time-to-market and enhancing customer experience.
  • Workflow Orchestration and Service Decomposition: TONAS™ USAF provides advanced workflow orchestration and service decomposition capabilities by utilizing Camunda Zeebe, a highly scalable open-source workflow engine. This feature enables the platform to efficiently decompose service orders into resource orders, allowing for seamless management of individual network elements, devices, and configurations.

    During the service decomposition process, TONAS™ USAF intelligently analyzes the service order and breaks it down into a sequence of resource orders. These resource orders are then assigned to corresponding network components, such as physical devices, virtual network functions, or other network services. This step-by-step approach ensures that each resource order is executed and validated before moving on to the next, minimizing errors and ensuring consistent service delivery.

    The platform’s workflow orchestration capabilities streamline the coordination and execution of these resource orders, automating the end-to-end service provisioning process. By leveraging Camunda Zeebe, TONAS™ USAF can handle complex service order workflows, support parallel and conditional execution, and provide real-time monitoring and visibility into the service provisioning process.

    By combining robust workflow orchestration with efficient service decomposition, TONAS™ USAF significantly reduces the complexity of managing service orders, accelerates service delivery times, and enhances overall network operations efficiency.
  • Multi-Technology Multi-vendor Support: One of the key features of TONAS™ USAF is its ability to support a wide range of technologies across different network domains, including mobile, fixed, virtual, and cloud-based services. This comprehensive support ensures that telecom operators can effectively manage their diverse network infrastructure, regardless of the underlying technology or service type.

    TONAS™ USAF’s extensive technology coverage encompasses various generations and domains such as 3G, 4G, and 5G RAN, Mobile Core (subscriber activation), Voice, IP, MPLS, Ethernet, Microwave, Optical Packet, PON, DSL, Cable, Satellite, and Cloud services. This multi-technology support enables operators to seamlessly activate and fulfill services across their entire network, ensuring consistent performance and customer experience.

    By offering a unified platform that caters to the complex needs of modern telecom networks, TONAS™ USAF simplifies network management and allows operators to focus on delivering innovative and high-quality services to their customers, even as the industry evolves and new technologies emerge.
  • Service Inventory Management: TONAS™ USAF offers a comprehensive service inventory management system that enables telecom operators to maintain an accurate, real-time overview of their network assets and services. By centralizing service inventory data, the platform streamlines the process of tracking, updating, and managing network resources, facilitating efficient resource allocation and reducing the risk of service disruption due to outdated or incomplete inventory information. With TONAS™ USAF’s service inventory management capabilities, operators can optimize their network operations and deliver reliable, high-quality services to their customers.
  • Fallout Management: TONAS™ USAF offers advanced fallout management capabilities, identifying and resolving issues in real-time, ensuring smooth service provisioning and minimizing customer impact.

Business Benefits of Deploying TONAS™ USAF

  • Co-Creation and Customization: TONAS™ USAF fosters a collaborative environment where partners and customers can actively participate in the development of new fulfillment workflows, service models, and adapters. The platform’s low-code approach and user-friendly interface enable non-technical users to design, modify, and deploy service activation and fulfillment processes with ease.
  • Faster Service Delivery: TONAS™ USAF streamlines service activation and fulfillment processes, resulting in reduced service delivery times and improved customer experience.
  • Enhanced Network Automation: By leveraging AI/ML technologies and incorporating 5G network technologies, TONAS™ USAF facilitates seamless network automation, optimizing network operations and resource utilization.
  • Zero-Touch Configuration: TONAS™ USAF enables Zero-touch network & Service Management (ZSM), automating the configuration of network resources, reducing manual intervention, and minimizing the risk of human errors.
  • Enhanced Interoperability: The integration with various OSS/BSS systems and adherence to industry standards like TM Forum and 3GPP promotes collaboration and interoperability across multiple vendor platforms.
  • Cost Savings: The cloud-native, low-code approach reduces operational costs, allowing telecom operators to allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Future-Proof Growth: TONAS™ USAF is engineered to accommodate the ever-evolving demands of network services, ensuring that telecom operators can adapt to new technologies and expand their operations seamlessly. With its forward-thinking design, the platform is well-equipped to support emerging technologies, such as IoT and 5G, allowing operators to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on future growth opportunities.


Atrinet’s NetACE TONAS™ USAF is a game-changing solution for telecom operators, offering a comprehensive platform for service activation, fulfillment, and network automation. With its cloud-native, low-code architecture, and advanced features such as workflow orchestration, service decomposition, zero-touch configuration, and service inventory management, TONAS™ USAF is set to revolutionize telecom operations.

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